Noise Makers Keep Off, Only Four Positions Up For Grabs During Gor Mahia Elections

Only four positions are up for grabs as Gor mahia elections draw closer, it has been revealed.

Speaking on Sunday morning in Nairobi, Chief Executive Officer Lordvick Aduda confirmed.

“We did adopt a new constitution in May with total regards to the Kenyan sports act and the Fifa club licensing laws and regulations. Club licensing lays emphasis on the Secretariat, in other words the day to day management of the club shall be vested in the secretariat, headed by the CEO,” said Aduda who also brushed off those who  are opposing Gor mahia’s constitution terming them as Noise makers.

Last week, Chairman Ambrose Rachier announced on social media that the club will hold its elections on August 8th this year.

As a matter of concern, his statement sparked mixed reactions from the club’s faithfuls, but the city lawyer stood firm by his words.

“ Gor mahia will hold elections this coming August on 8th. We require at least if you have to contest for a position, our requirements are that you have a bachelor’s degree. I do understand that we have so many followers who can meet the criteria, please come forward and vie for a position and lastly you have to be a member,” Rachier later uttered during an interview with a local radio station and also added that he has intentions to defend his seat as chairman.

The CEO and chairman’s utterances have found no favor among some Gor mahia factions. The current organizing secretary Judith Nyangi has openly differed with the two officials and termed them as selective and biased.

It leaves more to wonder that when this constitution was amended in May, were the other officials not involved?

Chairman Rachier insists that the constitution was agreed upon by members and it is not his own making. He also added that the many positions that were available were simply a burden as compared to the now few which will be effective.

Gor mahia last held its elections in 2016 at Kasarani Stadium in Nairobi County. During that time, the positions that were up for grabs were the Chairman, first vice chairman, second vice chairman, Secretary General, Treasurer, assistant treasurer, Organizing secretary, assistant organizing secretary, deputy secretary general and assistant deputy secretary general.

On 8th August, the positions that will be up for elections will be: the chairman, vice chairman, secretary and finally the treasurer’s position.

By Shadrack Andenga Odinga

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