Sonko or Badi, Who Does Nairobi Need More?

Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi has been a man under fire lately, but it seems that the stylish public official is an unwanted man in office.

With the political situation now getting hotter day by day, the man also known as Sonko is now seen to be trying to creep back into office.

On February 25th, the governor handed over key functions of the county government to the national government pursuant to Article 187 of the Constitution.

The functions include county health services, transport services, county public works, utilities and ancillary services as well as county government planning and development.

State house later declared the move as a landmark agreement, but later Mike Mbuvi has appeared not to be content with the move.

In April, Sonko was quoted by local dailies to be threatening to go to court.

“It was a contract just like another, but I am not happy with the situation. I have instructed my lawyers what to do. Nairobi has a lot of greedy people who have no good intentions to Kenyans,” a local daily quoted him.

It has also been reported that close friends allegedly have quoted him saying that he was not in his right mind when he signed the deal.

But it seems that his woes are not yet over as the Nairobi Metropolitan Service under General Mohammed Badi issued a warning to him. Of late, he has been seen as a man looking for a fight.

The soldier reminded him that Nairobi Metropolitan Services has 7,500 personnel, with only six from the military. “Each and every officer in the NMS has been seconded. We did not propose or come here by ourselves,” Badi sounded angry on Tuesday.

It has also been noted with concern, the constant PR campaigns on local media with what the Nairobi County Government under Sonko has achieved. This now leaves many to wonder, why now?

But truth be told, Nairobi under Badi has been transformed in a couple of weeks as compared to Sonko’s tenure in office.

With much improvements geared towards informal settlements, Badi’s efforts have been seen in the slums of Mathare, Mukuru, and Kibra among many other places including the city center where sanity has been regained.

But Sonko is an unsettled man who feels robbed. Let it also be known that he was overwhelmingly elected with all and sundry, but his efforts and work ethics migh have left much to be desired.

The big question now remains to be, who does Nairobi need more?

General Badi with his NMS charges or Mike Mbuvi Sonko the stylish and boyish figure who promised to represent the Nairobi ghetto child in parliament?

By Shadrack Andenga Odinga

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