• July 24, 2024

Season’s finale for Mukuru slum’s street soccer this Sunday

The curtains for Mukuru slum street soccer in Nairobi County will come to a close this Sunday at Mutongo stadium.

Speaking to Ruben Fm, league organizer Dero was in a jovial mood.

“We didn’t start big two years ago, but slowly we are growing. This season we only had six teams registering, but now we have four more teams ready for next season. The league is played on a home and away formula, though the field is the same. The main idea here is to bring the community together through football,” said the league organizer who also doubles up as JASA academy assistant coach.

Mukuru slums street soccer was started in 2018 with the aim of enhancing peace among different tribal communities living with in the slum.

League organizer Dero, teamed up with local footballers to spread the idea within the slums. Different areas within the slum are encouraged to form a team of ten players, and then register with 500 Kenya shillings.

“That’s the main idea though we lack sponsors, but getting these guys together and still having interest for more is our driving factor. The pitches are small with only five players allowed at a time with no goalkeeper. The goal posts are tyres and for you to score you have to make sure the ball goes in between them without stepping into the three yard box,” said the current top scorer Patel Buda adding that substitutes can be made whenever amongst the five extra players.

However things seem to be heated up as rivals The Baddest fc already have secured first place with a game at hand after accumulating many points.

Team captain Owade, a JASA academy product however is not content with just winning the league as the individual award of top scorer is now in the hands of Patel Buda who is leading the log, two goals off Owade.

Due to lack of sponsors, the community based league has no financial incentives, but for the love of the game, medals are awarded.

The Baddest Fc has secured the league’s top spot, but the real eye catcher will be between Patel Buda and Owade as the two chase the most coveted title of the league’s best player.

As the curtains come to a close this Sunday, Patel Buda and JASA academy product Owade will be chasing the title of who is the king of football in Mukuru slums.

For many Mukuru residents, the question still is, who?Attachments area.

By Shadrack Andenga Odinga


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