• July 24, 2024

Nyamweya: Those who presented their papers for elections on Monday have been bribed to do so.

By shadrack Andenga odinga


Former FKF boss Sam Nyamweya on Tuesday afternoon came out in anger saying that the four candidates who presented their qualifications to run in the forthcoming FKF elections have been bribed to do so.

Speaking at a press conference in Nairobi, Nyamweya in the company of other presidential candidates were annoyed.

“This election is a serious matter that involves Kenyans. We have one person who has come out to sponsor the other candidates so as to try and sanitize the already flawed process. The candidates that presented their papers on Monday are projects,” said the FKF aspirant.

The Sam Nyamweya led team says that the electoral board has gone against the federation’s constitution.

According to him, bonafide member clubs at the county levels have been denied their rights to vote contrary to article 35 of the FKF constitution.

Sports Disputes Tribunal had declared the FKF elections null and void in its ruling on 17th of March. According to the chairman John Ohaga, the football federation had violated article 38 of the Kenyan constitution, something that the Sam Nyamweya led team sees as still valid.

Former CECAFA boss Nicholas Musonye, also an aspirant sang the same song with Nyamweya, as the others danced to their tunes.

“These elections have been nullified twice because of irregularities. We can’t present our papers and participate in an election that is already flawed. We will only participate in it when the grounds are free and fair. Right now, this is choreographed for only one candidate to come out the winner,” said Musonye who added that it’s unconstitutional and against the rules of democracy to go on with the FKF elections.

The presidential candidates who were present were Nicholas Musonye, Sam Nyamweya and Sammy Shollei.

NEC aspirants Simon Mugo, Andrea amukoa and Angeline also were part of the rebellion.

According to FKF electoral board chairperson Kentice Tikolo, all requirements have been met and FIFA have given them all go ahead, but according to the rebels, FIFA has cowardly shied away from solving Kenya’s problems.

On monday, the candidates that presented their papers to challenge Nick Mwendwa and Doris Petra were …..

1.Dan Mule-Peter Lichungu

2.Herbert Mwachiro-Harold Ndege
3.Bonface Osano-Innocent Mutiso
5.Lodvick Aduda-Athanus Obango…

Now it’s a wait and see game of who will come out stronger at the end of the push and shove.

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