P.L.O Lumumba: Barrack Muluka joining DP Ruto’s camp proves how insincere the two are, he is a ‘Kinuka mito’

By Shadrack Andenga Odinga


Professor P.L.O Lumumba has labeled communication advisor and political pundit Barrack Muluka as insincere, a cheat and more so a person who is good at playing political sides.

Speaking during a live TV show on a local station on Wednesday night, the lawyer was disgusted by Barrack Muluka’s recent show at Karen with deputy president William Ruto.

The two seemed to be in one accord and have agreed to dance together to the current political tunes of the country.

“This is the same guy that has published articles and criticized corruption among other evils in Kenyan media. Remember he was an advisor to Raila Odinga, later did the same to Kalonzo Musyoka and his Wiper party, recently he was with Musalia Mudavadi’s ANC, now he is with Ruto? I struggle to understand his chameleon-like behavior,” a disappointed Lumumba lashed out, adding that Kinuka mito means that Muluka is like a woman who enjoys getting married to a man, just to leave him for another one.

The cycle keeps going on as the woman has no intentions to settle, but just to play the men who marry her.

The communication advisor was quick to brag about his academic credentials and experience in the field of communication. According to him, when the right bidder shows up, his services are always available.

“I am a learned individual with great expertise in the field of communication and just like any other Kenyan, I must work. Lumumba is calling me a ‘Kinuka mito’ while he is a ‘Ndumakuwili’ meaning that he plays double standards and simply pretends to be a saint. We have seen him also advising different political leaders in the country,” said Barrack Muluka who also seemed amazed by the senior counsel’s rant.

However in his defense, Lumumba explained that he does not and had never belonged to any political party. According to him, a man is defined by his uncompromising ability to stick by his principles and not trying to exercise his abilities to seize political opportunities for his financial gains.

The William Ruto ‘Hustler Nation’ camp has gained massive popularity in urban centers with regular countrywide rallies in his bid to seek votes for the 2022 presidency.

The deputy president has been busy with politics and recruiting experts and politicians in his camp and Barrack Muluka is now the latest to arrive. He is joining the noisy camp from lowly outfits Musalia Mudavadi’s ANC.

However the communication advisor has also served for minnows Wiper Democratic Party under Kalonzo Musyoka, but once had an opportunity to dine with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga in his powerhouse political party ODM.

His strategies are yet to be witnessed and many a political pundit would like to see how he performs as others wait to see his next move after 2022 or even before, depending on whether he survives taking William Ruto to state house.

Professor PLO Lumumba now wishes Barrack Muluka good tidings and promised to fast and pray for him as he begins another journey to advise a politician, but this time round it’s  none other than the defiant and stubborn William Ruto.

May God help him.

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