Nairobi area County Commissioner James Kianda has warned city dwellers against flouting the already in place Covid 19 rules and regulations, adding that he will not hesitate to arrest.

Speaking at Nyayo house on Friday morning, Kianda was a serious man.

“ For those of you who would like to travel for funerals, please make prior arrangements as any other person involved in that without authorization will be arrested. We are now in full force and have joined hands with CID, the prisons department, Kenya Police and the Administration Police all working hand in hand to make sure that these laws are being enforced,” said Kianda.

The police boss also promised that he will make sure that persons who flout the rules are prosecuted.

“Yesterday in Kasarani some individuals were hiding in a residential area to party. We arrested them, though they are out on bond, but I will make sure next week they are arraigned in court,” said kianda who also added that on Thursday alone his department arrested about 150 individuals in Nairobi who flouted the Covid 19 rules.

Recently there have been a surge of arrests as city dwellers seem not to adhere to the rules. The Nairobi Metropolitan department has also joined hands with the police to make sure that those arrested serve the city to community service.

Kianda also warned that persons will be arrested at public places in case they do not observe social distance or are seen without a mask on as Bars and restaurants remain closed until further notice.

The Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai on Thursday also announced that 3000 police men and women from different departments will be available during the Easter holidays within the five counties that were marked for lockdown by the president.

Now dwellers within the five Counties are being warned against flouting the rules as Nairobi has been mentioned and listed in the black book.

By Shadrack Andenga Odingaa


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