Veteran lawyer John Khaminwa has gone to court and made a plea for rogue police officer Caroline Kangogo saying that he will represent her if she surrenders.

Speaking on Wednesday morning, Khaminwa thought that chasing the officer only endangers her life and those of others.

“She should not be arrested under any circumstances at all. My firm will represent her and if it is necessary for the police to interrogate her they will do so without arresting her. The police are at liberty to conduct their investigations against her, but not arresting her, “argued the veteran lawyer who thinks that society is being unfair to runaway police officer Caroline Kangogo.

“We believe that it is in her best interest that Caroline should receive full protection of the law assisted by the Law Society of Kenya and my firm. Don’t forget that some of the allegations arraigned against her may be false, because no one has heard her side of the story,” Khaminwa said.

According to the lawyer, Caroline who is on the run should be given fair trial and a chance to be heard as opposed to being hunted like a wild animal.

The police officer killed her fellow colleagues John Ogweno in Nakuru and Peter Ndwiga in Juja in almost identical situations without anyone noticing her motives.

The 34 year old has been labeled by the Police as rogue, dangerous and armed but according to lawyer Khaminwa no one has heard her side of the story.

Khaminwa also argues that maybe she might be sick and in need of medication or maybe she might be psychologically disturbed and she needs dire help.

Now Kangogo who is on the run and no one knows where she is, will be depending heavily and hoping that the courts agree to Khaminwas plea as this is now seen as a lifesaving mission.

By Shadrack Andenga Odinga

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