Ruben Center’s Director Mr Nicholas Makau has challenged Mukuru residents to come and engage him in conversations that will help develop Mukuru and also help the organization meet its objectives.

Speaking exclusively at Ruben Fm on Tuesday, the Director was happy to meet Mukuru kwa Ruben residents asking them to come to his office and seek an audience.

“My office is normally open to all and sundry with an open door policy. I don’t like appointments because they delay issues and create hierarchies, so don’t be afraid to come to my office because we all need each other in one way or another,” said the administrator.

Makau, who is now in his seventh month since he was contracted to run Ruben Center, also detailed his ambitions to Mukuru residents.

“My first six months here have been dealing with internal issues so that we can have a cohesive working force within our organization. Now it is time to get out there and engage the community so that we can all come to a common understanding and achieve our goals,” Makau said and added that by giving Mukuru residents an opportunity to speak out, then their voices will be heard and both the organization and the community will achieve their objectives.

According to the new man on the block, seven months after succeeding Australian Franck O’shea, he has noticed a huge potential endowed among the youth within Mukuru Community.

The political science graduate wants to tap on those potentials with the promise of engagements to seek the way forward especially when it comes to socio-economic development strategies.

In his agenda also are persons living with disabilities, more so children who can’t access basic life requirements like education and food. Makau has already drawn a plan for that and has called upon donors and partners to join hands with him in this noble course.

Now Mr. Director is out there seeking audience with the community because according to him, the only way to solve Mukuru issues is to have a two way candid conversation with the dwellers.

By Shadrack Andenga odinga

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