• April 14, 2024

State Of Roads In Mukuru

Devolution in Kenya has brought in key aspects to
the less fortunes to the residents from the extreme
interior. It mostly focuses on the developments and
accessibility of social services amongst the
residents. We take an example of road
accessibilities, lying under the infrastructures, social
amenities such as health services, security, and
education services among other services that are
much essential to the societies.
Main focus now is slum areas in urban and
particularly in Mukuru area. Roads are key
infrastructural accessories to the residents as they
need them to use for the connectivity from point to
another. When roads are much inaccessible, for
instance, when one falls sick which may need an
assistance of an ambulance or motor bike to rescue
his/her life will find it difficult to be accessed easily
due to unconditional road network system
connectivity hence when in much critical condition
the outcome is losing his/her life. There is the

trending of blazing of the residential places in
congested and overpopulated areas, when the
incidence do happens it’s difficult for the
firefighters to access the affected areas that implies
when this occurs there might be a massive
destruction of properties and loss of lives amongst
the residents.
We live in environmental changes that involves
rainy and sunny pattern. During rainy season the
residents find it difficult to connect to other areas
due to poor and roadworthy accessibilities. Poor
conditions of roads hinder much of the day to day
activities to the residents such as small businesses
and transportation of goods.
Existence of devolution is to be felt by the residents
by enjoying the governance from the national
through county representatives. Residents living in
Mukuru areas where there are poor roadworks and
poor drainage systems should be a major concern
to the county and national government

representatives to the residents. Through small
developments, residents may not have that aspect
of feeling being marginalized by the government
due to various circumstances or reasons. Good and
conditions road accessibilities are part of essentials
the residents need much to run their day to day
activities as part of their income earning.
Plea the county government under area member of
county assembly is area Member of Parliament
should and must ensure the road infrastructure
have good drainage systems and are much

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