• June 14, 2024

Ruben Center’s Fight Against Teenage Pregnancy.

Ruben Center’s Public relations department in conjunction with Advocacy, on Wednesday morning conducted a teenagers’ session, in Mukuru slums Nairobi County.

The session that is held every Wednesday at Ruben Center from 9am, brought together 20 pregnant teenagers between the ages of 14 to 17.

“We are so delighted to embark on this program. In life we all make mistakes, but I believe we all deserve a second chance. Life is about learning and that’s why we started this weekly program here to empower and give hope to teenagers who are pregnant,” said Public Relations Manager Margate Kariuki.

Maggie as she is commonly known at the center also added that, she is currently in talks with different partners who are helping young girls within the slum. Those are homeless will find a home where together with their new born babies will be taken care of.

“I was dating my boyfriend and got pregnant. My parents are not well up so I decided to get married. Then I met a few friends who told me about this program and I joined it. Now I have changed my mind, I want to give birth and go back to school. I still have that dream of becoming a lawyer,” said 17 year old Zam Zam who is now about seven month old pregnant.

Maggie’s program also dedicates about three thousands shillings monthly to pregnant teenagers for their upkeep. Her sessions are done in different groups though.

The first lot is to teach young girls who are not pregnant the consequences of teenage pregnancies among other issues affecting the girl child.

The second lot is to bring together young girls who already are pregnant and now show them the way to motherhood.

“I got pregnant at an early age and regretted it. The father of my children left me and I had nowhere to go. At Ruben Center, I got a refuge. Here I was empowered and delivered my first child for free,” said 24 year old Lydia who has two children now.

It was estimated that by the beginning of the month of July, about 130 teenagers from the ages of 13 to 20 in Mukuru Slums were pregnant.

The effect of lockdowns due to the Corona Virus pandemic is now an eye opener to parents. Schools are yet to reopen and teenagers are engaging into vices instead of virtues.

 But now there is hope as Ruben Center’s Public Relations department has set up this new venture to educate and empower young girls within the slums of Mukuru.

Margret Kariuki summarized by urging all young girls to enroll in her program. The program is open every Wednesday at Ruben Center from 9am.

By Shadrack Andenga Odinga


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