• April 11, 2024

Rachier: Gormahia’s leadership not for anyone from the streets, go get an education and relevant credentials first.

Gormahia’s chairman Ambrose Rachier has stood firm by the club’s constitution that for any leadership position to be vied for, one needs academic and other relevant credentials.

Speaking to Kenyan media on Saturday, Rachier was not sorry for his remarks.

“There has been a lot of mediocrity amongst us who vie for Gormahia’s leadership positions. We have seen many people who just come to vie simply because they have political resources, but in real sense they have no clue of what management is. For instance, how can you vie for the treasurer’s post if you have no knowledge of handling finances and accounts? The city lawyer asked adding that these decisions were arrived at last year when the club amended its constitution.

Gormahia is preparing to hold a virtual election on eight of August this year. According to Rachier, himself and secretary general Samuel Ocholla still have their positions intact as no one presented his/her desire to oppose them.

Rachier also rubbished claims that he is trying to hang on to power and has turned K’ogallo into a personal property.

“When the constitution was amended, where were those people who are now calling us dictators? We used experts from all over the country and together with members, they all agreed on these changes. It is absurd for someone to claim that she or he is being discriminated,” Rachier laughed at his critics adding that he has nothing personal to those people who are not educated, but for Gormahia to be professional, they needed professionals.

According to Rachier professionals are those individuals with both academic and other relevant credentials in relation to a certain position that is vied for.

Since the beginning of June, some members of Gormahia have cried foul over what they termed as discriminatory laws.

Judith Nyangi who held the position of organizing secretary has been vocal on social media. She claimed that the changes of laws are discriminatory not only to her, but also to women.

Rachier replied back by giving examples of Sally Akinyi Bollo who is challenging Francis Wasuna for the deputy chairperson’s position and Dolphina Okoth who is challenging Chrispin Okoth for the treasurer’s position.

The chairperson has urged Gormahia members to be visionary and by any chance, they should not allow their club to be held at ransom with mediocrity.

In order for one to vie for Gormahia’s four positions, one needs a university degree as minimal educational requirements.

By Shadrack Andenga Odinga


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