• June 15, 2024

Aladwa: Ingwe won’t be great again, unless Luhyas speak as one

By Shadrack Andenga Odinga


Makadara Member of Parliament George Aladwa has called upon the Luhya community to unite and make their club Afc leopards great again.

Speaking on Monday evening at a local TV station, Aladwa also issued a stern warning to members who are constantly causing wrangles within the club.

“The Luhya community has only one thing that they can be proud of, and that is Afc Leopards. But the problem is that we have petty politics and divisions amongst us unlike our rivals Gormahia. The Luos speak one language, unlike us Luhyas who have tribes and sub tribes. It’s a high time we noticed that we are going nowhere and took charge of the situation,” said the one time Secretary General of Afc leopards.

Aladwa also was quick to mention that during his tenure, Ingwe finished second on the log and won the shield cup, a ticket that saw them represent the country in the Caf Confederations Cup.

Now the Makadara MP has issued a warning to politicians within Afc leopards telling them their time for whipping will soon come.

The community based club has on several occasions been marred by internal wrangles; some creating factions while others simply going to court.

“There are those ones who believe that only Maragolis or Bukusus are entitled to the club, but am telling them that unless we Luhyas speak one language, then Ingwe will still find it difficult to overthrow Gormahia,” a dejected Aladwa said.

Aladwa who grew up in Makongeni estate in Nairobi’s east lands, also played football with his local childhood club Makongeni Youth.

His formative years as a footballer, playing alongside legends such as former Gormahia point man Patrick Oyiengo and Afc Leopard’s stopper Zadock Shaban, did instill the ideologies of football management in him.

However this hasn’t gone as per plans because his beloved community club last won Kenya’s holy grail of football in 1998.

Arch rivals Gormahia at the moment are enjoying being the talk of the town as they have won the Kenyan Premier League now four times in a row.

Now Aladwa has spoken against what many Ingwe followers see as taboo, but in reality, it’s the truth.

 If Afc Leopards has to see its greatness again, then the Luhya community or so called ‘Mulembe Nation’ has to not only speak as one, but also walk the talk as one

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