Aladwa: I have done better than anyone else in Makadara, my records speaks

By Shadrack Andenga Odinga

Makadara Member of Parliament George Aladwa, on Monday evening challenged his critics while assuring his supporters that no MP has ever had such a superb record in Makadara constituency than him.

Speaking during an interview on a local TV station, Aladwa was upbeat and confident..

“What I have achieved in such a short while cannot be compared to any other MP who has led Makadara. We have really fought hard to make sure our people have better roads, schools and other amenities,” said the Makongeni estate born and raised, Nairobi resident who now is a parliamentarian.

Aladwa has called upon his critics to stop politics and instead join him in Making Makadara great. 

Among some of the projects he boasts to have engineered is a new school at Viwandani, the refurbishment of inter estate roads and primary schools in Mbotela, Makongeni, Maringo, Makadara and Kaloleni estates.

“At Viwandani, that place is deep within the slum and the area we developed into a school was a trash yard. With the development of educational infrastructure within the constituency, our children will have better lives in future. I can honestly say that nowadays I am comfortable walking from estate to estate rather than driving,” said the man who the estates simply know as Joji.

Residents of Makadara constituency have been up in arms recently as they demand quality services. In Maringo estate for instance, the residents struggle to have basic services such as running water in taps.

Despite Aladwa’s confidence in assuring Makadara residents of better services, estates such as Mbotela, Maringo, Kaloleni and Maringo still have dilapidated roads, making it difficult to access homes when it rains or during emergencies.A closer look with a deep analytical eye will see some improvements, though minimal. The reality on the ground is that taxpayers need services and it leaves more to wonder if the MP actually goes to the ground, or his supporters actually tell him what is on the ground in truth?

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