• April 18, 2024

There will be NO evictions, but give me a year Mukuru slums will be a modern estate, General Badi promises Mukuru dwellers.

By Shadrack Andenga Odinga , shadrackandenga@gmail.com

Nairobi Metropolitan Services boss General Badi has again emphasized on the importance of upgrading Mukuru slums to a modern living estate.

Speaking during an interview with a local tv station on Wednesday night in Nairobi, the General was calm and assuring.

“ Mukuru is a special planning area, part of the plan that I inherited when I took this job. The community in Mukuru agreed and gave the go ahead.  About 40 non governmental organizations, three local universities including the university of Manchester from the UK took part in a study and elaborately planned it out.” Said General Badi who also added that the initial plan is on a go slow because of the constant political wrangles caused by Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi.

The NMS boss was also quick to defend his service after lately being accused by the Nairobi governor of illegally evicting slum dwellers and demolishing their structures.

Badi said that according to NMS’ plans, they involved community leaders who in turn agreed to mobilize the communities to remove their structures so as to pave way for development of roads, sewer, water and electricity lines.

“We are not evicting anyone. The community in Mukuru agreed that they want the plan to go ahead. Since independence that slum had no roads, we just needed people to give way for the sake of development. They had no sewer lines, water lines and electricity done properly,” Badi said and promised that within one year, Mukuru will be a modern living estate upgraded from the slums

The NMS boss is targeting  Mukuru kwa njenga, Mukuru kwa ruben and Viwandani areas of the slum. Despite the county assembly having approved funds for him to do his work and the governor refusing to approve the same,NMS  nevertheless is making strides.

It will be a great sigh of relief if indeed, Mukuru slum dwellers in a year’s time will move from the shanties, to modern living conditions.

A dream come true, but now it’s a wait and see game as Badi strives to improve a city surrounded by cartels, corrupt gangs and constant political wrangles.

The NMS boss has only two years to make Nairobi great again.

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