By Shadrack Andenga Odinga

Impeached Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi also known as Sonko on Wednesday caused a stir during the late Machakos County Senator Boniface Mutinda Kabaka when he accused the government of propaganda.

Speaking at the event, a courageous Sonko made government officials who were present uncomfortable.

“We have been told not to politic, but in respect of my good friend, the fallen hero, we have to be polite. There is this narrative that when a Senator dies, as long as he was a person who fought for the rights of the people, then ‘Deep State’ has to label him in an unwanted manner,” said Sonko.

The boyish dressed Sonko was quick to call his former colleagues in parliament and senate cowards who are simply puppets of the state machinery.

“Most of you here are cowards, you can’t speak the truth. At least you can respect Kabaka as he was a respected man of the family. Before his death, he had a big problem with government officials because he was defending the people of Machakos on their right to own the land at Athi River. The information that he had four Viagra tablets is a lie that is meant to divert attention from the main agenda to their own political interests,” said Sonko who also added that the senator also had differences with people close to the president.

Sonko specifically mentioned Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru who according to him was forgiven after her alleged crimes, but wondered why he was being persecuted, vowing that he will battle his case in court.

At the burial ceremony, he was quick to call on the senators not to be influenced by top officials from the government, but instead work to serve the interests of the people they represent.

The just impeached governor now vows to pursue justice in court as he believes he was forcefully ejected from his rightful mandate.

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