• July 24, 2024


Health is paramount to the citizens
countrywide. In the previous government
health termed as Universal Health Coverage
was among the big four agendas. The big
four agenda were, Food and Nutrition
Security, Manufacturing, Affordable
Housing and Universal Health. The current
government has borrowed one of the
agenda as the Universal Health Coverage.
What does universal health coverage in this
regime entails? This agenda entails efficient
health service delivery system, adequate
health facilities and human resources,
information system, good governance and
enabling legislation. It has been observed
that witnesses can tell on the efficient
health service delivery system, adequate

health facilities and human resources are
being facilitated. Health in informal
settlements is given first priorities especially
with the ministry of health in Nairobi
County. Most all levels of hospitals received
drugs from the ministry to ensure that the
residents are able to afford them especially
during this harsh and high cost of living.
Mukuru kwa Ruben hospital received all
sorts of drugs to ensure there is no shortage
of drugs to the patients while being
attended to. During Mashujaa day
celebration in Kericho County, president of
the republic unveiled the agenda based on
the community health promoters and
recommended them on the good and
tremendous job they are doing in ensuring

that the residents be enlightened on
matters concerning health. As seen it is
enhanced through being facilitated with
tools and equipment and providing
trainings to the CHPs.
“Distribution, of drugs to various hospitals
is a very nice initiative which in turn enables
residents who are not able to access and
afford health facilities. The problem
especially complaints from the residents
health workers tend to sell drugs to them
directly via the nearby chemists associated
with them. This issue should be handled
and scraped off by the relevant authorities
serving examples to others”.

This story is compiled by AMASI JOHN.

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