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Early teenage pregnancies are among the
key elements that affect teenagers in the
society which at times indicates poor
parenthood in the community. What
exactly causes these early pregnancies? In
this article, we focus on early pregnancies in
informal settlements. Such areas lack
sensitization and adequate information to
the teens.
How are teenagers in these areas exposed
to this element? Early pregnancy cases are
brought about by peer pressure, ignorance
among themselves, naivety, sexual violence,
lack of information on sexual and
reproductive health to the teenagers
among others. Idleness as well as negative
social media influence contribute too.

During the festive seasons, the country
records many teen pregnancy cases. Such a
time is now that all schools are on the
December long holiday where these
incidences do occur.
Recently, Ruben health Centre in Mukuru
kwa Ruben, Nairobi, recorded a case of a
14-year old girl who was heavily pregnant
and in labor but unable to deliver due to
complications. She was referred to higher
level hospital, Mama Lucy Kibaki. The
complications were majorly due to her
young age hence underdeveloped
reproductive system. This is just but one
among the many cases that happen publicly
and others not reported.
Now that schools have closed for the
December holiday, it is now our role as
parents, guardians and community at large

to enlighten our girls on matters concerning
sexual reproduction, educate them and go
deep to highlight on the effects of early
pregnancies. We should also report cases
involving sexual abuse to the relevant
authorities rather than implementing
home-based solutions.

written by Carol

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