usafi kwa mto ngong

As rainfall continues to be experienced in various parts of the country, many areas are really being affected by the flooding experiences. Here in Nairobi especially informal settlements such as Mukuru, Kibera among others are the most affected areas in Nairobi County.

The county government has and is really trying to focus on the precautions rather than awaiting the damage to occur. On 10th November, 2023 work was immensely done on Ngong’ river kartasi products area as there was general cleaning and expansion of the width of the river to reduce flooding of the river thus reducing the loss of lives and damage of properties.

Should this done frequently it will be a case of minimum damages as it is being experienced in other parts of the country.

On the other hand, we as the residents should and must take precautions and measures before we call for the help from the government.

And how are you supposed to do this? Should look for the appropriate areas and places to dump wastes rather than dumping along river banks and inside rivers tunnels. When wastes as re disposed in rivers they block the free flow of water thus flooding becomes a norm and occurrence to the areas.

At the same time we should try as much as possible avoid living along the river banks as this is a much risk to with the increase in downfall of rains and increase in rainfall leads to increase in levels of water in the river.

Compiled by John Amasi

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