President Uhuru Mwigai Kenyatta on Monday afternoon promised to rename Gusii Stadium and add 150 million shillings to complete the stadium by next year.

Speaking during the burial ceremony of the late Simeon Nyachae at Gusii Stadium, the president insisted that his promises to the Kisii people are in honor of the late Simeon Nyachae and for the good of Kenyans in general.

“Mzee Nyachae will live forever in our hearts. In his memory and in consultation with the County government of Kisii, we have considered it fit to rename this stadium to Simeon Nyachae stadium Kisii,” said the president amid cheers from the crowd.

Gusii Stadium, the home of now infamous Shabana Fc, has been a source of raw talent in general from the County.

For years now, there have been efforts to upgrade the stadium to international standards to no avail, but on Monday the president further added that good tidings will soon flow in Kisii.

“And to ensure that this stadium is completed by the end of next year, we will allocate an additional 150 million to complete it to international standards,” said Kenya’s fourth president who is now seeing off his final two years in office.

“We have also decided that at Nyantago Stadium, where the late Mzee Nyachae came from, I direct the ministry of sports to immediately embark on the development of a sports academy that will be known as Nyantika Mayoro Sports Academy,” said Uhuru who also insisted that there is a greater need to develop raw talent from the grassroot.

The president finalized by urging government officials to finalize the projects before his term ends as that will be honoring the late Nyachae.

Uhuru Kenyatta also emphasized on the need to tap talents from the grassroots, saying that the upcoming sports academy will serve the community for the greater good in the sporting world.

By Shadrack Andenga Odinga

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