Yes we are on the onset of the predicted weather by the meteorological department of Kenya
about the EL Nino. How much has the county government of Nairobi and their residents,
especially living in areas with poor sanitation and improper dumping sites being prepared and
coming up with the solution?
Recently, before the onset, residence living alongside the river ngong, Mukuru branch decreed
to the government to ensure that they build the river banks as a way of finding a solution
towards the probable calamity. When rivers are at overflow especially when there is
consistency of rains, there is always damage of properties and loss of lives. According to
statistics, the area residents experienced the disaster as individuals lost their properties and
their loved ones.
Improper or lack of dumping sites and areas contributes to the disposal of wastes in the rivers
and along river banks hence leading to the filling of the river with wastes and silts from its
tributaries and distributaries. As observed along Ngong River, dumping sites are sited along its
bank and domestic wastes directed to the river which in turn also carries the silts from
collections on the road when there is a heavy rain. When silts are filled to the rivers they cause
siltation which fills the river reducing its depth. As a government in its preparations, it should
mainly consider the cleaning of the rivers as one of many ways of preventing either loss of
property or lives of individuals in order to allow the free flow of water.
We all understand that measures and preventions starts from individuals, issue of dumping
sites should and must be the first priorities to the residents living in areas especially slum areas
to have proper and well designated dumping areas in order to observe and enhance hygiene.
Health is more paramount to the residents.
Residents are at high risk of being attacked by different diseases such as cholera, typhoid and
malaria caused by mosquitos through improper disposal of wastes. There has been a concern
over the residential along the river banks as they are at risk of being swept away by the river
when there is an overflow. As per the Nationals Environment Management Authority [NEMA]
houses should be constructed 6m to 30m away from river banks. Due to level of income,
greediness among other issues individuals go ahead and construct rentals along the river banks,
an example of ngong river where the rentals are immediately at river bank which is an easy way
to be swept away when the area will experience a heavy downfall.
Take home “prevention is better than cure, as individuals we should always follow and adhere
to the rules and laws for us to avoid such incidents when they occur. Let’s take precautions
immensely from different sectors and organizations and live as one accord. To the government
also listen to the degree of the residents especially when called upon to rescue them instead of
condoling with them after it has happened, also find a long term solutions to residents living in

slum areas such as Mukuru, on matters concerning their health. Create proper dumping sites to
them so as there is good and pleasant hygiene as per the individual lifestyle

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